4 Skills in a Language and Modern Methods

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4 Skills in a Language and Modern Methods
L earning and teaching are two main processes underlying the activity of teachers and students these days

Learning and teaching are two main processes underlying the activity of teachers and students these days. The learning period puts both parties toward one another, what it teaches, and what it takes, the student and the teacher. Today takes great importance to the breeding of students to learn themselves, their instruction, equipping them with the skills of self-contained work with the most advanced practice of learning conscious, retainable, and active. The purpose of this subject is to know the significance of the usage of all skills throughout a class hour. The teacher is independent to use a sort of practices and methods of learning/teaching to correspond necessity of students in other lessons. He/She compound these ways along the learning period and adapts as to the increasing improvement of linguistic proficiency and autonomy of student improvement, the consistency of this period.

Teaching has at its center the practice of communication, task-based ways, functional methods, and circumstance as real life. These practices are noticed through multifarious strategies and techniques, as to language skills.

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Students and teachers collaborate on the event of learning and teaching. To alleviate the learning-teaching, the teacher finds influential methods to constitute communication activities, supplies and recommends source materials for students. In modern teaching, the tutor doesn’t only play the role of a tutor but also plays the role of observer. Together they organize collective relalearntions in the period of learning. The teacher explains to the students and takes their comprehending of what happens in the lessons. This means explaining the order of the line of work and liability of students in the period of activities. The teacher recommends and provides the use of electronic devices and helps students to use different forms of information technology within and outside the schoolroom. It gives students the website according to age and educational necessity. Lastly on a teaching hour ought to be applied all four language skills strategies (reading, listening, writing, and speaking) but intensify from level to level depending on the objectives.



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